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Portrait of a young woman with bold glowing makeup posing in the studio. Shape of colored


This Picture reminds me of a women who's becoming in her own Identity. Who was created with her own finger print and uniqueness. Who looks odd from the butch! Cute and weird but full of joy!  She's quick to offer a hand, but others strive to compete. She's becoming in her walk with God. She know's whose she is! and what she wants. This women is becoming her full self. Although she has many scars, she doesn't complain. Although she's been blinded by love, and discharged by many. She knows her why. Her story is yet untold, and her voice is still a little shaky. However, this women is prepared for her out. Out with God, Out with her voice, out with courage. This women has been Revived and Birthed into Gods Purpose. Her coming is near. Her heart for others is so dear. She listen with her ear for the voice of God. She has no Fear cause God is within her!

This Women is you. Tell yourself!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. 

Philippian 4:13 

By LaFreddria 

A Glimpse: Welcome


She stood in the dark and saw no passing light. She turned right and no light. As she walked all around, there was still no light. Standing in the dark alone, angry, bitter and frustrated all inside. Her frowns were sorrow of help! Can anyone see me? Am I invisible? Help......

This woman started walking straight, and she began to see a bright light! Then she heard a voice from heaven saying come to me? Let me give you the love and peace you seek!

Is that you? do you need help?

Matthew 11: 28

Come to me, all you who are weary and burden, and I will give you rest.

La Freddria

Desert Highway
A Glimpse: Who We Are


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I appreciate all the support and love God bless!

A Glimpse: Text
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